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The AEPE (Asociación de Empresas de Publicidad Exterior) is the OOH industry board of Spain. AEPE has 50 members from diferent processes related to the Outdoor Advertising.

Its origins date back to 1966 when it started to operate under the name Club de Publicidad. In 1977 acquired the name AEPE , integrated into the FEPE International.

Their AEPE main activities are:

  • The defense of the professional , economic, labor , technology and commercial interests of its members.
  • To contribute to the knowledge and development of the Middle Exterior.
  • Collaborate with the research and development of tools for the planning and use of outdoor advertising by agency , power tools and advertisers.
  • Provide maximum cooperation to the Administration for defense, development and improvement of outdoor advertising , and business partners in any aspect of their work.
  • Collaborate with other professional associations in the sector to improve the Outdoor Advertising.