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Batch Precessor in Quantum Software

Step 1

Click on the package drop down menu and select ‘Batch Process’


The ‘Batch Processor’ window below will appear.


Step 2

Click on ‘Add Files’ and then select your excel files from the following drive, C$ on ‘Client’ (C:), this will link to your local C drive.


Please ensure that all excel files are in the format below.


Step 3

All selected excel files will appear in the grey box located in the centre of the window.

Step 4

Now click on ‘Test All Files’, this will run a check on all the selected excel files. Any files that are in the incorrect format will be highlighted at this stage.

If the excel files contain an incorrect format the following warning message will appear.


If the excel files are successful the following message will appear below.

You then click ‘OK’ to this message.


If you wish to input the ‘Dynamic Frames’ information click on the tab next to ‘Input/Output’.

Step 5

Return to the ‘Input/Output’ tab, then click ‘Select Column’ and the ‘Package Importer’ screen should appear.

Make sure that ‘FrameID’ is highlighted and ‘POSTAR Frame ID’ is selected as the type of ID column.

Step 6

Now click on the IMPORT button.


Step 7

The ‘Evaluation Parameters’ screen will now appear.


Step 8

Please wait for the evaluation process to finish for each frame.

The process bar below will appear for each file you have selected.

Once the process is complete the following message will appear, click ‘OK’

Step 9

All of your outputs will appear as Excel files.