Frame Selection

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Frame Selection tab shows all frames corresponding to the selected packages on the Packages tab or the ones that meet the features defined on the Filter by Attributes tab.

It is displayed a table (grid) with a list of the frames and their associated features. The information showed in columns can be modified selecting the Columns (1) button. This button allows to consult and modify the information fields showed in the columns of the grid.

It is possible to filter the information of the frames with the available filters on the headers of every column through the funnel icon (2). Selection buttons allow to Check or uncheck the selection, as Invert checked selection (3).

The Delete selected frames button (4) allows the massive deletion of the selected frames. Frames will be deleted from the database, so they will disappear from the system and from all the packages where they were located.

Through the Map button (5) we can see the previously filtered and selected frames over cartography.

It exists the possibility of export to Excel the list of selected frames through the Excel button (6).

To calculate target criteria (7) and location criteria (8), as the autoselection process (9) we need to select the marked buttons.