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GEOMEX is the Outdoor Advertising Audience Measurement system in Spain, operated by CUENDE Infometrics. Thanks to GEOMEX, it is possible to have Audience data on Outdoor Advertising networks in the main Spanish cities and metropolitan areas.

GEOMEX provides audience data for more than 150,000 georeferenced billboards which is calculated by a CUENDE Infometrics patented software which takes into account the following parameters:

  • Surface area of the pannel.
  • Distance.
  • Legibility.
  • Orientation.

To calculate the OoH advertising audience implies in-depth knowledge of the normal movements - commutations of the population, which CUENDE obtained after registering the movements of 22,365 individuals. The field work included the data obtained from 5,700 pollsters equipped with an A-GPS device in the metropolitan areas of Madrid and Barcelona as well as from information obtained from 16,665 personal interviews.

GEOMEX GRP and OTS can be obtained by Quantum software and other planning software such us TOM Micro

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