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Quantum is a Outdoor Advertising Planning Software. Quantum brings to agencies and operators the one tool adaptable to any market. Currently running in Spain, United Kingdom and South Africa, it was selected to be the UK’s tool of choice by Postar and coming soon in the U.S.

Developed by Telmar Group and CUENDE Infometrics can be adapt to any Audience data provider. See below a list of basic features Quantum offers:

  • Inventory Management: Inventory of Boards, Demographic Data, Digital Maps, Postal Codes & VAI (for relevant markets)
  • Panel/Site Selection.
  • Target Audience Selection: Create any single, compare multiple targets:
  • Panel & Audience Evaluation:
    • Create multiple plans
    • See metrics such as Reach, GRPs, Frequency, CPT, etc based on targets, affinity, or impact by region
  • Search & Rank on multiple Criteria
  • Outputs: Maps & Tables, XML files, pdf, Powerpoint, or email.
  • Mapping: Access Free Internet Google/Microsoft maps.
  • Trading & Communication: Secure communication channels between buyers and sellers.

You can read Quantum manual in Wikoohpedia

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