How to create a block?

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To begin with you will need to filter your frame selection by selecting your Frame Attributes. Expand the ‘COMPANY’ branch that appears in the Frame Attributes box and tick the box next to the Media Owner you wish to filter your frames by.


The blue bars next to the Media Owners indicate the proportion of frames assigned to each Company.

Once you have selected a Media Owner, the number of frames assigned to your selection will appear in the bottom left hand corner.


You can also filter your frames further by GEOGRAPHY, DEMOGRAPHICS, TRAFFIC, and CHARACTERISTICS applying the same method used to select a COMPANY.

Each time you add an additional attribute e.g. Region, the ‘Attributes selected for the Package’ box that appears in the bottom left corner will update with your selection.

The No.Frames box will also update automatically.

The pie chart will illustrate the number of frames selected as a percentage of the total number of frames available from all Media Owners.

Alternatively if you click on the ‘By Region (Map)’ tab, this will illustrate your frame distribution by geographic location. The highest percentage of your frames that are distributed in an area will be indicated by the darkest blue colour.


If you click on ‘By Attribute’ you can also view your frame selection by various attributes in a bar chart form. Click on the X and Y drop down menus, to manipulate your bar chart by Characteristics, Geography and Company.


You can reset your selection at any time by clicking Block5.png

Please Note: By right hand clicking on any graph the following options will appear:

  • Gallery: This will enable you to change the type of graph e.g. bar/pie/line
  • Data Grid: This will enable you to add a data grid to your graph
  • Legend Box: By default the legend box is included, but this can be removed from the graph
  • Colour: This will enable you to change various colours on the graph
  • Edit title: this will enable you to edit and add a title to the graph
  • Point Labels: You can add this as a feature to your graph
  • Font: This will enable you to change the fonts on the graph
  • Properties: This will enable you to changed the look of the graph in detail


Once you have selected your main filters click on the next button Block7.png