Independent Package Analysis

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The Evaluation tab incorporates a new functionality that allows both the outcome of the inquiry set of frames as the blocks individually loaded. To do so, it is necessary to choose the option “Independent Package Analysis”.


Independent Package Analysis implies that:

- If the same frame belongs to two different packages loaded in the Frame Selection tab, that frame will be part of both packages in the individual evaluation and it will be count as two different frames in the overall result. To see the result of that frame as only one frame, it must be done the traditional Total Evaluation, not the independent one.

- In case that we don’t select all the frames belonging to one package, it will be indicated on the Individual evaluation that the package has been modified, as they are not being evaluated all the frames that belong to that specific package, as follows:


They only have been selected 8 frames from the 270 ones of the CE_CIR2_EXTERNO_BCN package and 8 frames from the 236 ones of the CE_VALENCIA4 package, because of that, it is include “(Mod.)” next to the name.