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Telmar Group provides strategic media planning software and services to both marketers and agencies, while also helping media owners improve their ROI through revenue management services.

Created in 1968 as the world’s first media planning software company, Telmar’s founders recognized the need for media planning and optimization and created the media neutral platform that has fueled the privately held Company’s success for 42 years. Fully independent, Telmar is free to work with the world’s leading data suppliers, agencies, advertisers and sale houses as well as industry committees in all sectors. Clients have the benefit of both Telmar’s independent perspective and its global experience

Telmar has long defined the future of media planning and continues to innovate – anticipate client needs – and question the status quo.

The Company offers its global clientele a wide variety of services:

  • Software for survey analysis, data integration, media planning and optimization
  • Integration of new communications channels, including social media
  • Revenue management systems for media owners
  • Aggregation and management of media research and survey databases
  • Web-based trading systems directly linking buyers and sellers

In addition to its software services, the company also offers a host of consulting, educational and training services to its over 10,000 clients in over 85 countries.

Telmar´s software offers includes Quantum and Giraffe.

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